GEM Investor Road Trips Have Arrived!

Top-down, macro country risk analysis can be very effective in developing
longer-term business and investment decisions and corporate planning.
But nothing compares to a bottom-up, on the ground, visit to an
investment destination to evaluate risk, complete with full briefings and
unique insights from local professionals. Building on over three decades of globally acclaimed country and political risk ratings and analysis, GEM has responded to requests by its international clientele by introducing select investor trips to conduct due diligence. Scheduled on a quarterly basis, these road trips will help our clientele better assess the relevant – and more specific – country and political risks facing their present or future assets.
The trips will be confined to a small number of clients, allowing for focused
and value-added discussions – the best way to get questions answered.

These programs can include meetings with:

• Government officials • Industry and corporate representatives
• Political figures • Embassy officials
• Academics and think-tank experts • Personnel from multilateral financial institutions

Trips Planned for the Fourth Quarter of 2014:

Puerto Rico (September 23 – 24, 2014)

We will be hosting a research program in Puerto Rico in order to better understand possible solutions to the island’s financial crisis and its ability to ringfence restructurings for afflicted issuers. Key areas of focus include the legality and implementation of the new debt enforcement and recovery law for public sector corporations. We will also explore fiscal policy developments and their effects on improving financial security, growth and competitiveness prospects, debt repayments capacity, and the financial situations of indebted SOEs.

Israel and Turkey (November 10 – 14)

Turkey was at the nucleus of adverse investor sentiment towards emerging markets sparked by the Fed taper discussion last May. This research program will focus on Turkey’s external vulnerabilities thanks to its overreliance on short-term debt financing, and the management of inflationary pressures and growth prospects. The program will also focus on likely policy developments in light of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Israel, viewed by many as a success story for economic growth and development yet is continually challenged by political and security risks. The program in Israel will focus on any changes in calculation of political risk resulting from war against Hamas, also taking into account the altered regional political environment. We will also focus on the degree of insulation of the economy from these security risks, as well as pressures to widen the fiscal deficit, development of energy finds, and prospects for the high-tech economy.

India (December 9 – 11, 2014)

The recent landmark election of Prime Minister Modi signals a positive policy shift for India in terms of economic reforms, while also possibly exacerbating political pressure. This program will focus on the key reforms likely to be adopted by the new government, the sustainability of these policy initiatives, growth and development, and foreign policy challenges.