Political Risk, Asset Valuation and
Litigation Support Services

Whether it’s the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, or the emerging frontier
markets of Asia, as the price of real assets has soared in recent years,
regulatory stability and certainty surrounding contracts and their enforcement
has declined. These are real political risks and they have a significant impact
on the value of real assets.

How can the political risk premium on assets be quantified and accepted by the courts? How can the results aid in the litigation or settlement process?

Not knowing could prove extremely costly to your clients and represent a significant loss of revenue to your firm.

GEM has the proven experience in demonstrating to judicial authorities the value-destruction of political risk, and estimating the asset discount.

Our proprietary data series to over 140 countries extends to the early 1980s, and has been independently assessed for accuracy. Our data is consistently used by some of the world’s leading asset managers, multinational firms, academics, and by researchers at the IMF.

Our country and political risk analysts are noted authorities in the field and
our global finance professionals are tenured professors who have consulted
widely for multinational firms and governments.

Since 1979, GEM has been providing private firms, governments and mul-
tinational entities, and the world’s leading universities with country and political risk forecasts and analysis. Originally the Political Risk Services division of Frost & Sullivan, Inc. and then of UK based IBC Group (now known as Informa), the firm’s globally recognized, proprietary, quant-driven, and back-tested methodologies for assessing risk are the product of two decades of research conducted by Professors William Coplin and Michael O’Leary of the Maxwell School of Public Affairs at Syracuse University in conjunction with the US Department of State the CIA.

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