Gavea Emerging Markets Corp (GEM) is a boutique country risk advisory, specializing in political risk assessment, project finance due diligence, and early-stage enterprise financing.

Through its 2010 acquisition of The PRS Group Inc., (www.prsgroup.com) the firm’s client base has expanded to include a greater number of buy-side investment firms, multilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations, and transnational firms.

Incorporated in 2005, GEM’s staff has spent over two decades participating in a range of international transactions, including conducting due diligence assessments of limited recourse financing projects in the oil and gas and mining sector, constructing micro-financing facilities and designing models to assess sovereign debt sustainability. Fashioning client-specific country risk assessments remains a mainstay of Gavea’s activities.

As its subsidiary, The PRS Group Inc. has expanded the range of services and products available to clients to include the firm’s two main ratings publications: Political Risk Services, and The International Country Risk Guide.

Political Risk Services has been recognized globally as the original system for quantifying and rating political risk, formulated during 20 years of research conducted by professors at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, with the US Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The International Country Risk Guide’s risk rating methodology includes over 40 metrics, dating back some 30 years. Studies by researchers have found them to be correlated to successful IMF program implementation, variability in sovereign spreads, and the effectiveness of import controls, among other findings.

The powerful combination of these two firms, together with some select strategic partnerships, allows GEM’s clients to benefit from a range of country risk-related services, as well as a unique window in the challenging world of business in Africa.